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American and British History Resources

I. General Information

II. Rutgers Online Catalogs

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IV. Indexes to Articles and Other Publications

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V. Electronic Archives, Texts and Journals

A. General Historical Collections

B. Thematic Historical Collections and Web Links
Internet Resources for Students of Afro-American History: Afro-American history resources have been moved to this archive page.

NEW JERSEY HISTORY Alaskan History Gopher American Variety Stage: Vaudville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920 from LC American Memory Project American West Anarchy Archives: Including writings of Bakunin, William Godwin, Emma Goldman, and Noam Chompsky Internet Resources for the ANGLO-SAXON World Making of America Project: University of Michigan/Cornell Full-Text Access to Nineteenth Century Writings Making of America Project: Cornell University Full-Text Access to Nineteenth Century Periodicals Great Chigago Fire Columbus Navigation Homepage Daguerreotypes, 1842-1862 Early Modern England Restoration and Eighteenth Century Studies (SUNY at Stonybrook Eighteenth-Century Threads and Tapestries: via SUNY Stony Brook Eighteenth-Century Studies: from Carnegie Mellon Eighteenth-Century Resources: (jlynch, Univ. of Penn.) Eighteenth-century America via Archiving America Online: Documents and Maps English Server from Carnegie Mellon: Includes many British and American Historical Texts Groningen Historical Electronic Text Archive: (GHETA) Historical Philosophy Texts: via Philosophy Dept. Valdosta State University History Net: An interesting combination of online journal and WWW history index. Holocaust and Holocaust Denial Archives I*EARN Holocaust/Genocide Project: Information about the Holocaust, genocide, and several related topics. Images from the Hargrett Library Special Collection: A growing online collection of primary resources. Includes: Confederate Constitution, Paris Music Hall Collection, Pre-WWII Propaganda Posters, Rare Map Collection, Photos of Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Georgia, Stereoscopic viewer slides, Charles Coburn Collection, Natural History Collection. Irish History on the Web Kansas History: Old West Kansas Korean War Project: Sources include a casualty Dbase, maps of the conflict, and information on Veterans' groups. Labyrinth Home Page: Georgetown University's fine medieval history resource. Maritime History Virtual Archives Maryland Government and Maryland History Medieval Resources via NetSERF: History Department at Catholic University of America Medieval History from Rhodes College Military History Institute (U. S. Army): With connections to the CARLISLE BARRACKS TOTAL LIBRARY SYSTEM Military History: U. S. Army Center of Military History Military History Resources: E-HAWK Cadre Miltary History from the Canadian Forces College Methodist Page from Manchester University Modern English Language Texts: Electronic Text Center: University of Virginia National American Woman Suffrage Association

Native American Resources
Native American Historical Speeches, Documents, & Brief Histories of Various Nations Native American Home Page: Links to Home Pages of Many Native American Nations and Their History and much more... History of the Northwest Coast: Resources about Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

NATO WWW Page: Basic texts, press releases, publications, etc., New Deal Network ORB: On-Line Text Materials for Medieval Studies Political Theorist From Plato to Marx American Presidential Election--Encyclopedia Britannica Dead Presidents Presidents of the United States: Biographical and Other Information Celebrating Democracy--The Presidential Inauguration Strategic Forum: National Defense University Negro Baseball League Home Page Online Medieval and Classical Library: UC-Berkeley From Quackery to Bacteriology: The Emergence of Modern Medicine in 19th Century America Religion: Christian Classics Ethereal Library:Includes works by Richard Hooker, John Wesley, and William Law Religion: Advent Homepage: Includes full texts of the Catholic Encyclopedia (in-progress), Summa Theologica, Works of the Church Fathers, Biographies of the Popes Renaissance Texts from the University of Toronto Royal Military Institute Papers and Briefs Southern U.S. History : Documenting the American South: The Southern Experience in 19th Century America Ten (10) Downing Street : British Prime Ministers and Other Cabinet Officials and Gateway to British Government WEB Pages Texas History Gopher Victorian Women Writers Project (Perry Willet) 19th Century American Women Writers Web Victorian Websites Victoria Research Web Victorianism: Articles and short pieces on a variety of subjects by historians Women in America, 1820 to 1842: Includes writings by Charles Dickens, Frances Trollope, John James Audubon, Harriet Martineau,Alexis de Tocqueville,& James Fenimore Cooper Vietnam: Yesterday and Today: Excellent Gateway to other Sites Vietnam War from Mississippi State University Vietnam Era Documents The Sixties Project & Viet Nam Generation: Scholarly resources for the study of the Sixties, and the Vietnam Conflict The World of the Vikings ...: Links to scholarly resources for the study of the Vikings including museums, etexts, exhibitions, and schools. World' Transportation Commission Photographs, 1894-1896 The World War I Document Archive: Contains full texts of documents like the Hague Convention, and the Peace Treaty of Versailles, as well as a biograhical dictionary of participants in the conflict. World War I-"Trenches on the WEB" World War II: Rutgers University Class of 1942's Oral History Archives of WWII WWII docs from Wiretap World War II-"54 Years Ago": Archives of documents and sites World War II-U-Boats, 1939-1945 World War II-Japanese Navy in World War II World War II Propaganda Posters: American Pssst! Wanna see some propaganda posters?: Canadian WWII propaganda.

C. Reference: Documents, Treaties Maps, Statistics, Bibliographies

D. Archival Collections Online

E. Electronic Journals (BOOK REVIEWS and Reviewing Sources may be found here)

VI. Electronic Texts by Historic Period

VII. Guides to other Internet-accessible Resources
A. History Listservs

B. History Association Gophers and Directories

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